What Is Your State Searching for on St. Patrick’s Day?

We didn’t need the luck of the Irish to find an answer—just Google.

St. Patrick’s Day is intended to be a celebration of all things Irish, an homage to one of the largest immigrant groups in America whose heritage deeply influences many cities. But does America really get the significance of St. Patty’s Day? Or is it just an excuse to wear green and prattle on about leprechauns and lucky shamrocks? The team at HighSpeedInternet.com delved into the search data to discover what different states focus on during this cultural holiday. The verdict? America is thirsty—very, very thirsty. We’re up for any excuse to hit the bar, including St. Patrick’s Day. In many states, the most popular keyword was related to going to the pub and imbibing a little. Okay, maybe more than a little . . . Bottoms up, people! To determine what each state was searching the most last St. Patrick’s Day, we analyzed Google Trends data and sifted search terms by state. So yes, Massachusetts, the state with the largest Irish population in the country, was really googling “Irish people” as if they were still wondering where to find them. Get it together, New England.

Booze and Cruise . . . or Crawl . . .Whatever.

For a large majority of the country, St. Patrick’s Day is all about the alcohol. And nowhere was that more apparent than in these locales, which ranked in the top five for booziest states:


Hungry Yet? You Will Be.

If Americans aren’t bellying up to the bar on St. Patty’s Day, it’s because they’re already full. Food-themed keywords were a close second in many parts of the country, where residents celebrate by stuffing their plates to overflowing.


Wait. Basketball?

Yep. St. Patrick’s Day just happens to coincide with a little March Madness, and we’ve definitely got the fever. All across the Midwest and the South, the most popular search terms had everything to do with sports. Move over, Ireland. The game’s on.

  • In some states, all bets were off on plans to go to the pub. Virginia, South Carolina, and Kansas only cared about how their 2016 brackets were faring.
  • Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Oklahoma simply had too much skin in the game to tune out CBS Sports last year.

I’m So Confused.

Some states seem decidedly unsure who these Irish people even are and where to find them. Massachusetts, Georgia, Tennessee, Iowa, and Maryland want the “Irish people” to please stand up and identify themselves. Are they leprechauns? Do they have gold? Please help us, Google. These are important questions. And last but not least is Louisiana, number five for most gambling in the United States. They’re only concerned about one thing on St. Patrick’s Day: having the luck of the Irish. Does anybody know the Powerball numbers? You do you, Louisiana. Did you find your state’s most-googled St. Patrick’s Day term charming? Or embarrassing? Share this with your friends and discuss how not to disgrace yourselves at the pub this year while you’re at it. Good luck with that.  


Search Term

Alabama Pub
Alaska Pub Crawl
Arizona Corned Beef and Cabbage
Arkansas How to cook cabbage
California Shephards Pie
Colorado CBS Sports
Connecticut How to cook cabbage
Delaware Irish coffee
District of Columbia Irish Car Bomb
Florida Pub
Georgia Irish people
Hawaii Guiness
Idaho Corned Beef and Cabbage
Illinois CBS Sports
Indiana CBS Sports
Iowa Iowa State Basketball
Kansas 2016 Bracket
Kentucky CBS Sports
Louisiana Powerball numbers
Maine Bars near me
Maryland Irish people
Massachusetts Irish people
Michigan Michigan Basketball
Minnesota Beer pong rules
Mississippi Bars near me
Missouri Irish people
Montana Corned Beef and Cabbage
Nebraska How to cook cabbage
Nevada Pub
New Hampshire Irish Car Bomb
New Jersey How to cook cabbage
New Mexico Irish Car Bomb
New York How to cook cabbage
North Carolina 2016 Bracket
North Dakota Irish whiskey
Ohio Reuben sandwich
Oklahoma CBS Sports
Oregon Pub
Pennsylvania Shephards Pie
Rhode Island Lucky Charms
South Carolina Pub Crawl
South Dakota Bangers and Mash
Tennessee Irish people
Texas Green Beer
Utah Pub Crawl
Vermont Soda Bread
Virginia 2016 Bracket
Washington Soda Bread
West Virginia Green Beer
Wisconsin Reuben sandwich
Wyoming Shamrock Shake

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